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[Commission] Special Felicia Doll by Mysteeria[Commission] Bouncy Aqil by Mysteeria
About me and ID
My beautiful ID picture of Levair Taivas was made by the amazing artist :iconlumlnescenc3: THANK YOU SO MUCH BESTY!! <333 Hello! My name is Felicia, but I go by the name Wings or Levair online. I love owls,Foxes, and all other animals. I love to draw art, take photos, and I am a huge Levitra (Levi x Petra), Natsu x Lucy, Syaoran x Sakura, Hei x Yin, Kirito x Asuna, Touma x Misaka, ETC~ I played the french horn for 5 years and have been drawing since the 3rd grade. I also have a dream since 3rd grade to become a great artist. I am a big BIG Owl City (Adam Young fan) hence my character Adam x'D. I also love love LOVE the color green, specially seafoam green! <3


Video Created by me

I love Icons!
Contest Prize [levairtaivas] by spockemonsIC [levairtaivas 2/2] by spockemonsIC [levairtaivas 1/2] by spockemons-PC- LevairTaivas by Acrylic-blood-PC- LevairTaivas 3 by Acrylic-blood-PC- LevairTaivas 2 by Acrylic-blood:thumb511185182:

Art for me and pairings


Felicia Kinu - Animation's beginning by LevairTaivas[Advent Calendar] Day 11 - Dainty Like a Butterfly by MysteeriaBronze Artist 03 -- Felicia Kanu by Sacredwolfe:thumb508065480:


Chibi Levair by SlurpythenobblefoxDoodle Xmas CM: LevairAmeliaRivaille by KuroHana-dono

Aqil & Felicia

:thumb501943999:[Advent Calendar] Day 21: Take You Under My Wing by Mysteeria:thumb514752633:

Levair & Zaron

.:YHC Result: Clean Souls~ by WolfSoulKeeper

Amelia & Ulrich

C | Fireflies by Myebi




Doodle Com.(2): LevairAmeliaRivaille by KuroHana-dono

R u n n i n g  ^  F r e e by Citycreek


Bleeding tears - Vent by LevairTaivasLaron Caesin~Dragon form by LevairTaivas

Mature Content

Evaz - unraveling the insanity by LevairTaivas


daww! tysm! <*;3;>
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 6:24 PM
every time I see your profile, it gets more and more awesome~
Wed Apr 1, 2015, 6:12 PM
Iforget htis is here LOL!! ILY! 8'D
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 6:30 PM
ROAR ily
Wed Feb 4, 2015, 6:09 PM
Sun Jan 18, 2015, 12:04 AM
PFFT I love chu guys! >x"D
Wed Nov 19, 2014, 7:23 AM
Da roof, da roof, da roof is on fire!
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 12:35 AM
Hello, I'm here to say hello (o3o)/
Sun Oct 12, 2014, 8:29 PM
Omg! Boo! x'D
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 3:20 PM
Dont drop that thun tha thun
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 10:19 PM



Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 7:08 PM
   Riyitseekingadvice by LevairTaivas

        It was a beautiful day out in the Hoenn region, winds sweeping across the meadow quietly, everyone attending to their duties, but some had free time, like a certain Rhydon cross. The Rhydon cross was sitting on a rock, looking to be in deep thought. His tongue poked out from his mouth, to deep in thought to keep it in. " What cha thinking about there, Riyit?" The rhydon suddenly jolted up, spinning around to see who it was, it was Rikka, the morph Braixen. "Oh! iw juwt you,Rikka." His speaking was somewhat better, but he couldn't help it due to his lisp. Rikka tilted her head to him. "I never see you in such a deep thought, is something on your mind? You can talk to me if you like." She offered, watching as he looked to be thinking on if he should tell her his worries. 'Should I tell her? Maybe she can give me advice.' He thought, opening his mouth he finally decided. "Yewsh, I been feewwwling lonewy lately. But... I, Iw don't know what to dow." His ear's lowered behind him, feeling embarrassed by telling someone this. A kind smile crossed her face. " Maybe your wanting someone to love, Is that possibly it?" Riyit's ear's perked right up to that, it sounded right, to his heart and ears. " Yewsh, that soundwss right, but I wanna go swwee brother bout thwis." He said, unfolding his wings. "I'll tell the trainer your off to see him." Rikka said as she saw him nod before rushing off and he flying off in the direction his brother lived.
                 It was awhile later that he appeared on his brother's ranch, spotting him slithering into Illusions Domain. "Brother!" He shouted to Fyux, in which turned around to meet him with equal shouts. "Hey bro! Nice seeing you visit!" Riyit made sure to try and make a clean landing, making an audible 'THUD' from his feet. " I need advwce." Fyux tilted his head. "Advice with what?"
"Wi, I want swomeeone to love..." He shyly put, poking his fingers together with a little blush on his face before turning around, sitting on a rock as he drooped his hands on his tail, wings lowered down. "But... Who wouwld wove womeone lwke me? I sound wtuid."His ears lowered. Fyux looked to him with a sadden look, but reached his hand out to him, touching his webbed wings. "Hey, don't say that bro. Your awesome and I think you'd get a girl!" Riyit looked back to him, a feeling of sadness in them. "I promise, Riyit. How about we put up some flyer's, eh? I'm sure there will be some to come see you and hang out with you." He gave a smile to him, which earned a smile from Riyit.
            "Alrwght, let's do that."
WORDS - 471(2)

-don't break PKMNation's rules
-He's only interested into Females
-multiple entries are allowed with the SAME pokemon you first entered with.
- Please comment to this journal if your entering
-Please leave a link of the mon you'll be entering in the entry piece
-Interactions would be VERY nice.
- Please make sure they are monogamous, meaning they do not have another Lifemate, because Riyit is looking for love, not profit for a bloodline.
- Don't tell him your there because of a chance to be with him. He want's to be with someone who truely cares.
- You may come freely onto the ranch.
Ranch is a large meadow, with a huge tree as big as the tree of life, as the trainers house.
- YOU MAY ask me to do a role-play with you Via Notes or skype with him if you feel nervous to act out him. A picture would be nice, but not needed to have a chance.

HE HAS A LISP! MEANING he has Problems saying 's', 'z, 'r', 'l' and 'th'

Info over Riyit:
- Riyit, hence his name, LOVES to prank! He's a big time prankster
- He can get shy, only when he realizes that there's a moment where things feel really off (like above)
- Riyit does like to train and battle
- Your pokemon could either be strong or weak, He's looking for true love here
- He will find out if your mon is not there for real love or not. He will not want someone like that
- He LOVES to fly and play around
- He's a scout for the ranch.
- Including Fyux pkmn ref would be nice, as Fyux, his brother, is the one helping him out! :33

(Need more info? Please ask me anything about him please! <*^.^>

1st: lifemated to Riyit Prankstar, I supply all the breeding items
2nd: 30 lvls and one of my mons interested in your mon, I supply half the items once Lifemated
3rd: 20 lvls and one of my mons interested in your mon, I supply items once Lifemated
Entries out of that: 6 lvls to any mon of yours just for entering

Due date:
Not set yet


Level log:

Riyitseekingadvice = Riyit Prankstar picture(6)words(2)= 8
Rikka Skior  words(2)= 2
Fyux pkmn refpicture(6)words(2)= 8

Commission Information

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Request: Not unless there is a journal for this link.
Art Trades: Ask me, don't be scared to ask. <*^.^>
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