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Levair Tavias (gift) by LUMlNESCENC3

[Commission] Special Felicia Doll by Mysteeria[Commission] Bouncy Aqil by Mysteeria
About me and ID
My beautiful ID picture of Levair Taivas was made by the amazing artist :iconlumlnescenc3: THANK YOU SO MUCH BESTY!! <333 Hello! My name is Felicia, but I go by the name Wings or Levair online. I love owls,Foxes, and all other animals. I love to draw art, take photos, and I am a huge Levitra (Levi x Petra) Fan!I played the french horn for 5 years and have been drawing since the 3rd grade. I also have a dream since 3rd grade to become a great artist. I am a big BIG Owl City (Adam Young fan) hence my character Adam x'D. I also love love LOVE the color green, specially seafoam green! <3

<center>THE CRESANOVA </b>


Pups have arrived, finishing picture.

Boys: Steven and Andrew For the girls: Yuzuki and Zidien


Video Created by me

I love Icons!
Contest Prize [levairtaivas] by spockemonsIC [levairtaivas 2/2] by spockemonsIC [levairtaivas 1/2] by spockemons-PC- LevairTaivas by Acrylic-blood-PC- LevairTaivas 3 by Acrylic-blood-PC- LevairTaivas 2 by Acrylic-bloodNoel icon by LUMlNESCENC3

Art for me and pairings


Felicia Kinu - Animation's beginning by LevairTaivas[Advent Calendar] Day 11 - Dainty Like a Butterfly by MysteeriaBronze Artist 03 -- Felicia Kanu by SacredwolfeNew Age (commission) by LUMlNESCENC3


Chibi Levair by SlurpythenobblefoxDoodle Xmas CM: LevairAmeliaRivaille by KuroHana-dono

Aqil & Felicia

AC- Last But Not Least by Phantatoes[Advent Calendar] Day 21: Take You Under My Wing by Mysteeria:thumb514752633:

Levair & Zaron

.:YHC Result: Clean Souls~ by WolfSoulKeeper

Amelia & Ulrich

C | Fireflies by Myebi


AC- Aqil by Phantatoes:bigthumb501944006:


Doodle Com.(2): LevairAmeliaRivaille by KuroHana-dono

R u n n i n g  ^  F r e e by Citycreek


Bleeding tears - Vent by LevairTaivasLaron Caesin~Dragon form by LevairTaivas

Mature Content

Evaz - unraveling the insanity by LevairTaivas


daww! tysm! <*;3;>
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 6:24 PM
every time I see your profile, it gets more and more awesome~
Wed Apr 1, 2015, 6:12 PM
Iforget htis is here LOL!! ILY! 8'D
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 6:30 PM
ROAR ily
Wed Feb 4, 2015, 6:09 PM
Sun Jan 18, 2015, 12:04 AM
PFFT I love chu guys! >x"D
Wed Nov 19, 2014, 7:23 AM
Da roof, da roof, da roof is on fire!
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 12:35 AM
Hello, I'm here to say hello (o3o)/
Sun Oct 12, 2014, 8:29 PM
Omg! Boo! x'D
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 3:20 PM
Dont drop that thun tha thun
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 10:19 PM


Lifemate Contest! healing a heart! RESULTS SOON

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2015, 7:10 PM

FOR :iconpkmnation: MEMBERS ONLY!!!

Discouraged Heart by LevairTaivas

Korina was recently in a lifemate contest and lost, having lost she's felt hurt, now  over training herself  to distract her from the pain of having been rejected. She feels that it must be her looks, or even what she is, thinking shes weak. She's become lost in her ways, even being distant from Gordain, her best friend! She knows one of her sisters has a lifemate, which has made her even more down in the dumps. Seeing Korina crying was a rare sight as well! Will one of your mon's be able to heal her to her usual self and love her?

What Korina likes:
-Males only please.
- She actually likes to cuddle, despite her size, she's been like this ever since she was a skiddo/trapinch
- Someone who likes to cuddle and has a cuddly side
- She does in fact LOVE strong pokemon, as well average, She wants a good hubby <3
- Mons that are not afraid of saying they love her and such in public
- Kind mons
- Someone that likes to have fun, as Korina's not one for just lazing around for countless hours

What she dislikes:
-Rude pokemon or ones with a bad attitude
-Pokemon that are hot tempered and are bullies
- other males  who are jealous of Gordain, seeing as he's her best friend.
(An on the side do not I want is that if you enter this and win to be her lifemate, please don't breed with others once you become her lifemate, as she will get jealous and feel she's not good enough <*^_^,>)

Korina Reference:
PKMNation:Korina Ladner by LevairTaivas

Gordain ExcaliburGordainREF by LevairTaivas
You can learn a bit about Korina from him, Hey! Maybe he'll even help you out!

1st Place:
-Lifemate between
-Breeding between the two WHENEVER you like! :3
-I will provide all the items for the first breeding
-50 levels
- Gift art of the two <3

2nd Place:
-A breeding with 2 of any of my Mons in the 'OPEN TO BREED' folder
-40 levels
- I'll provide three items towards the breedings

3rd Place:
-A breeding with 1 of any of my Mons in the 'OPEN TO BREED' folder
-30 levels
- I'll provide one item towards the breeding

Running prizes:
-12 levels

PKMNation:: The Determination to Save a Heart by Dianamond

Korina Ladner - 24 levels ( Partial(3) + Shading(6) + Background(8) + Story(7) ) [Already Lvl 100!]
Gordain - 6 levels ( Story(6) )

Entry for Korina by anntheazelf101
Korina: Full + shade + bg + 872 words = 10 lvls!

Level  Log:

PKMNation:: The Determination to Save a Heart by Dianamond
Korina Ladner - 24 levels ( Partial(3) + Shading(6) + Background(8) + Story(7) 
EXP.Share activated, Levels being given to PKMNation: Celosia Fireo
Gordain - 6 levels ( Story(6) )

Entry for Korina by anntheazelf101
Korina: Full + shade + bg + 872 words = 10 lvls!  EXP.Share activated, Levels being given to PKMNation: Rikka Skior

(If I forgot ANYTHING please tell me, or if you'd like to know more about her, please don't be scared to ask! <*^.^>)

(Fullbody+shading+ background = 6 levels!
EXP Share activated!
6 levels go to PKMNation: Deron Vinesnap by LevairTaivas


  • Listening to: Owl city and Leeandlie
  • Reading: everything! 8D
  • Playing: Wanting to play Fallout 4 D:
  • Drinking: fuji apple water


This is so late (commission) by LUMlNESCENC3

Commission Information

Press one of the buttons for information!

Request: Not unless there is a journal for this link.
Art Trades: Ask me, don't be scared to ask. <*^.^>
Kiriban: at 15,777 page views
My adopt account - :iconlevadopts:

-PC- LevairTaivas by Acrylic-blood

Character references

My Characters

Dragons Fire, Phoenix Flames Progress

Character Process

Harumi Taivas -Human and phoenix form references 12/100%
Aodh Taivas - Human and phoenix form references 1/100%
Akemi Taivas - Human and phoenix form references 0/100%
Hisao Nakumura - Human and phoenix form references 0/100%
Naomi Nakumura - Human and phoenix form references 0/100%
Masaru Nakumura - Human and Phoenix form references 0/100%

Finish posting Zaron's Bio in description-

Haru Nuichino - Human and dragon form references 0/100%
(Shall list others later)

Kingdom concepts and the maps

5 kingdoms with spread out and close sub kingdoms.

Maps will be made later on once all character's are done being drawin and created.

To do List

C | Felicia by Myebi

DFPFPage 1



:bulletgreen: Boo and Luna Plushie

:bulletgreen: sleepy bubble of Manders 20/100%

Art trades

Kiriban prizes

:bulletgreen: full background 30/100% redoing


:bulletgreen: Leilyna themed custom background - 20/100%

Art payments

:bulletgreen: Cynthia Sleepy bubble - 0/100%
:bulletgreen: Jackie Sleepy Bubble - 0/100%
:bulletgreen: One free commission - 0/100%

(List cleans every sunday )

The people and stamp collection!

heat of the moment (YCH) by LUMlNESCENC3

The Pickle Jar!

Close people

The ones I call family

awesome people I call friends!

'people I commission'.

:iconlumlnescenc3::iconfreckledfawn::iconmaybelletea::iconbittter: :iconstrawberry-poprocker::iconmyebi:

Pictures commissioned from and awaiting.

:iconazurinna:1 art piece:iconmalik-art: 1 art pieces

Awaiting my contest prizes
:iconartemis-adopties: One waist up commission & One pixel icon

[Advent Calendar] Day 19: I Heart Felicia Stamp by MysteeriaStamp - Asuna y kirito by ChelimkaGreen by Stampernaut Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainI :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzleZackxAerith stamp by AomibaeAqua by EllexonTerra by EllexonAqua Stamp by ThanysaStamp - Zack x Aerith by MiaKa-CiDZack x Aeris Stamp by Before-I-SleepRequest:Zerith by jackroonoREQUEST:red xiii stamp by jackroonoClannad stamp by MiuriaDango Daikazoku by MiuriaStamp Request: Petra Ral by Lily-de-WakabayashiLevi stamp by SuperpluplushLevi x Petra Stamp by RoxyOxygenshingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustineAttack on Titan Stamp - Levi x Petra by SkarkatStamp: Surprise, I'm a Titan by Lily-de-WakabayashiClannad - Nagisa Tomoya by MiuriaNagisa and Tomoya by MiuriaTomoya x Nagisa - Stamp by xAssiduityxNagisa x Tomoya - Stamp by xAssiduityx



LevairTaivas has started a donation pool!
876 / 2,396
Donations are very much appreciated when viewing. <*^.^>

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